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Your ultimate destination for transforming your health, athleticism, and confidence. With our proven training programs, we are dedicated to helping you become our next success story!

Since 1998, Power Source Training Center has been the go-to facility for training athletes to achieve greatness. Over the years, thousands of families have chosen us as their trusted partner. Many of our athletes have gone on to excel in collegiate sports, and some have even reached professional levels.

However, our primary focus is not simply on reaching professional sports; it's about unlocking the unique potential in every athlete and helping them enjoy their sport at a higher level while being more successful and having fun.

Our approach centers on personalized coaching, recognizing that every athlete is different and requires tailored guidance to reach their full potential, regardless of their current level. We prioritize training gains such as speed, strength, conditioning, and coordination development.

However, we believe that true success extends beyond physical improvements. That's why we place equal emphasis on cultivating key habits that pave the way for future achievements in all areas of life.

These habits, including focus, effort, perseverance, and commitment, are integral to our training philosophy. By combining physical gains with habit development, we create a formula for raising confident and successful individuals, regardless of age.

Our adult programs follow the same principles, ensuring that we meet you where you are on Day One, regardless of your current fitness level. Together, we will work towards genuine progress, setting you on a path to lasting transformation.

At Power Source Training Center, we are passionate about empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or an adult looking to improve your fitness, we are committed to guiding you towards success. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the difference firsthand. Get started today!




At Power Source Leominster, we know you want to help your athletes achieve their goals in sports, life and develop into great kids. We take the physical components, stack on the mindset and discipline to truly achieve their full potential!

We use these same principles to help adults transform their lives.

Join the thousands of athletes and adults who have transformed their lives through

athletic development, strength training, discipline and commitment at Power Source!

I initially signed my children up for Power Source because I thought individualized workouts would help them perform better in hockey. I also wanted them to recognize at an early age that physical activity is very important not only for strength and endurance, but overall mental and physical health.

My expectations have been exceeded over the past 6 years! My children enjoy their workouts & strive to get better at each exercise every time they go. They each keep their handwritten notes of encouragement from the coaches give them that challenge them to meet their goals. I am amazed at their level of strength, balance, and speed that they have achieved. Power Source has been a truly rewarding experience for my kids, both on the ice and off.

Julie E

When I first signed my son up for Power Source it was to help him get in shape. He played sports year round but didn’t have the core strength and aerobic fitness that he wanted to improve in his sports..

Both my expectations and my son’s have exceeded anything we thought we would get out of going to a youth fitness program.

The workouts are great, constantly changing to challenge him.

But it’s the personal connection that makes this place special. 3 years later, my son still looks forward to going multiple times a week!

His improved fitness level and gameplay shows that the program is working.

I think that Power Source has given Jackson the tools to feel more confident - the confidence can be seen in his sports, but he has also learned to value being the hardest worker in the room…a quality that I want him to have in all parts of his life.

Jen L

My son wanted to gain muscle and work on his weak areas so he could be a better hockey player. One of his teammates had great results with Power Source so we gave it a try.

Best decision ever!

In the past few months, we’ve seen a big improvement in his strength and even other parents have commented on his skating strength. We have also seen an improvement in his confidence.

I highly recommend checking out Power Source to help your athlete improve in every area of their sport.

Tina D

Getting Started With Power Source Is Simple, 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Fill Out The Form

Once you fill out the form on this page, we will send you a text in 5 minutes to get you set up. We look forward to your first session!

Step 2. Meet With A Coach

Schedule your initial 30-minute coaching session with one of our coaches to discuss your goals as well as any physical limitations or injuries we should know about. This allows us to build a plan to help you achieve your full potential!

Step 3. See Results

Get excited about your first session. The coach will explain how to do each floor movement and guide you through the process. Be sure to listen closely. Our coaches are here to help and will correct your form if needed.

"The Principle is competing against yourself. It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before." ~ Steve Young

"The principle is competing against yourself. It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before." ~ Steve Young

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About Our athlete development programs & adult strength training

  • Customized programs to achieve individuals goals

  • Tailored workout based on your skill level

  • Expert coaches guiding you every step of the way

  • Like minded individuals chasing like minded goals

  • Regardless if you are an athlete or adult, we help you achieve your full potential

don't let your athlete fall behind in their sport

become aware of the athletic development blind spots that can unnecessarily limit the future success of your athlete

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